Advancing Race Equity Through Accountable Leadership

2021年12月15日上午11:00 - 12:30 PM

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Social sector organizations have a responsibility to work towards the betterment of society. It is our moral mission and opportunity to positively impact members of our community and society at large, particularly those whose lives are most directly harmed by systemic oppression and structural racism. Nonprofit leaders* who understand that structural racism exists, acknowledge the harm and violence it perpetuates, actively seek to advance race equity in their work can provide important support to one another in this journey.


To empower individuals and organizations in identifying how their 实践 can create and sustain race equity experiences and outcomes within the social sector, inspiring leaders Monisha Kapila and Bianca Anderson, 将分享新的 ProInspire Leadership Model for Race Equity Impact 框架. Their work addresses all the levels from which leaders can create impact: leadership of self, 人, 组织和系统. 他们的框架是以经验为基础的, 研究, perspectives from their team and many thought partners, it is expected to evolve through sharing with others (that’s you!)和他们的反馈. 


Monisha and Bianca will discuss the following principles presented in their 框架:

  • *One can operate as a leader from any position within an organization
  • Leaders within the social sector must prioritize the advancement of race equity, with individuals developing their race equity analysis personally and professionally
  • Leaders should center race equity in their work through active learning and unlearning, 有意行为, 以及问责机制
  • Authenticity and solidarity are essential qualities and ways of approaching our work, if we are to dismantle oppression and create an equitable society
  • Individuals inside organizations and institutions have the ability to redefine, 重新定义, 并重新创建权力


亚洲最大电子网站员工和志愿者, 资助者, 捐助者, community members; self-identifying leaders of any level or experience; anyone interested in the topic of exploring a healthy nonprofit sector is welcome to attend.



Monisha Kapila 成立 ProInspire to help individuals and organizations achieve their potential for social impact. Born and raised as a first-generation South Asian immigrant in Flint, 密歇根, Monisha’s passion stems from her personal experience working in the nonprofit sector. 在过去的十年里, she has led ProInspire to grow from supporting five fellows to working with hundreds of organizations to advance leadership and equity. 在推出ProInspire之前, 莫尼莎在第一资本公司工作, Accion, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, 护理, 和安达信. Monisha has an MBA from Harvard Business School, 她是在哪里获得院长奖的, 密歇根大学工商管理学士学位, a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. She teaches about leadership and equity at Georgetown’s Center for Public & 亚洲最大电子网站的领导. Monisha serves as a Board Member for AchieveMission, 国家公共服务大会, advises many early stage nonprofit 倡议s. She has been published in Nonprofit Quarterly, 斯坦福社会创新评论, 《十大电子娱乐网站网上》, 慈善纪事, 下十亿, 和其他出版物. Monisha has been recognized as a HBS Leadership Fellow, 美国运通NGen十大电子娱乐网站网上, National Urban Fellows America’s Leaders of Change, was named to 慈善纪事’s 40 Under 40 list. 工作以外的, 她喜欢和家人一起远足, 找到简单的速溶锅食谱, 还有在阿灵顿的小路上骑自行车, VA.


比安卡Casanova安德森, 教育家, 亚洲最大电子网站领导者, 社会正义践行者, with expertise in interpersonal communication, 种族平等便利化, 和人类发展. 作为一名将近十年的教育工作者,Ms. Anderson found her passion for human-centered change in the classroom. She built a unique background by cultivating inclusive learning environments that center relationships, 隆起边缘的声音, 种族主义和破坏. As the founding Director for the Dallas-Fort Worth site of the Center for Racial Justice in Education, 她训练和建议超过3个,000 community leaders and 教育家s around the nation in effective racial equity policies, 实践, 和程序.


In 2021, Bianca was promoted to Co-CEO of ProInspire, where she supports nonprofit organizations and foundations by leading a portfolio of 培训 programs and services that center race equity and leadership development.


最重要的是,比安卡爱人们. She lives and leads through a lens of radical love, deep inquiry, transformative justice. She is committed to creating spaces where every person feels safe, smart, significant.




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